Sun and moon are the two major sources of energy. They play a vital role in one’s natal Kundli, lifestyle and even in the Vastu of the house.SURYA

Let’s understand this. If a plot or a building is in a square or a rectangular shape, divide the plot diagonally- into two parts. First SURYA AUR CHANDRAMApart, the ‘Northeast’ is the ‘Surya’ and that on the ‘Southwest’ side is the ‘Moon’ part. While making or constructing a house the sun side should be lower, brighter and lighter, whether moon side should be higher, darker and heavier.W e should be careful about these points while building the home or official unit. If the Northeast is suppress then the owner (male) of the house will be affected or who is working like sun. If the southwest of the house is not balanced then the mother or the woman of the house will suffer mentally and physically.

Thus, this technique helps to keep a balance in all the diagonal and cardinal directions.