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Vedic Astrology is  study of the planets and rasi in a natal’s chart.The natal chart is created based on the D.O.B.  verifying, understanding and analyzing the different yogas present in a native’s chart. we provide the solutions and remedies adopting different parameters such as ‘puja-archana’ mantras, gems,


We cater site selection, Vastu rectification on a layout plan, colour Vastu, Vastu for interiors, aura rectification of space and use of pyramid vastu. Vastu services are provided for residential, commercial and industrial areas, factory spaces, fields and for town planning. Clients are catered both online and in person via appointment.

Vastu Consultancy
Numbers play a big game in one’s life. We help our clients to make changes in their names, based on “locus grid”. It helps them to balance their body, mind and soul.

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