My Great devotion to my Jyotish Guru Pt.Sanjay Rath ji who inspires us every moment to walk through this spiritual path .

PINAK is the Name of Lord Shiva’s Favorite Bow as he owns many more .Pinakhasta means the one who holds the Pinak.
He is also called Pinaki or Pinakpani, Pinakin (Pinakini is a river, which arose from the grounds after the arrow from Pinak touched the ground )
He is the God of destruction hence owner of all utmost destructive weaponry.

The one who rides the chariot of forgiveness coordinated by Brahmsutra and holds the four Vedas,I offer my worship to such a bhagwan Pinaki.

In Shaivagam the second Rudra is called Pinaki. Shri Brahma ji tells Narad,” when I and Bhagwan Vishnu offered our Prostrations to rudra –The physical incarnation of Verbal form, we saw the manifestation of the Mantra that originated from Omkara. After that, the scared words “Om Tatavmasi” became visible. Then we saw Gayatri Mantra that helps in attaining Dharma and Artha.After that, all merciful Bhagwan Pinaki, my master appeared all of a sudden. The four vedas are the form of Pinaki Rudra only.When BhagwanVishnu saw BhagwanPinaki Rudra ,he once again sang devotional hymns in his praise. Bhagwan Pinaki was pleased and first of all he taught the Vedas verbally,to Bhagwan Vishnu.After that he gave him his secret knowledge.Later Bhagwan Pinaki humbly gave that knowledge to me also. Having received the Knowledge of the four Vedas we both offered salutation to Bhagwan Pinaki and bowed before him in gratitude.

Bhagwan Pinaki Rudra said to Naraindev,I am greatly pleased with your devotion and want both of you to ask for a boon of your liking .O Vishnu!It is me who has takenthe three forms of brahma, Vishnu and Rudra to facilitate the three functions of creation,sustenance and destruction.Infact , I am always invisible. The trinity cannot be split. Those who consider them to be separate are living in ignorance. I am the truth, knowledgeand Eternal brahmn. Therefore, keeping this trace in mind, you should contemplate my true form”.  In this way Bhagwan Rudra imparted the knowledge of vedas in his Second Form of Pinaki Rudra to Vishnu and Brahma and Then became invisible.

The Adhibhautic form of the Jalamoorti of Rudra Pinkaki , the second Rudra ,is located in South India in the State of TamilNadu in Trichinapalli , a mile away from Shri Rangam. It is known as Jaltavalinga or Jambukeshwara linga. Water keeps constantly springing up frombeneath the linga statue. Behind the temple there was an ancient Jamunatree (rose apple) on a platform. Because of this tree this lingam has been named Jambukeshwara. Previously, there were many jamun    trees there and a rishi used to worship Bhagwan Shiva. Since he lived and did tapasya in’ Jambuvana’, he came to be Known as Jambu Rishi.Pleased by his rigorous tapa,Bhagwan Shankara Graced him with his Darshan and on his request established himself there in the form of Jalamoorti of the second Rudra .It is said that Adi shankaracharya also attained knowledge by worshipping this JalaMoorti of the Second Pinaki Rudra.

 According to a legend, Jamun leaves used to fall on Shivalinga and a spider would daily weave a web on the linga to save it from the falling leaves. An Elephant used to bring water in his trunk to anoint the lingam. He took a dislike for the web woven over the lingam. On the other side the spider also felt bad that the web was swept away by every day. One day, the elephant tried to kill the spider with his trunk but the spider entered the trunk. As a result, both of them died. But since both of them were pure-hearted, Bhagwan Shankara liberated them.  

Birth Of Shiva From Shuchimati”s Womb in the form of Grahaspati.

. In ancient times, there was a city called Narmpur on the Idyllic Banks of Narmada. There lived a sage named Vishvanar.He was pure hearted, a great devotee of Shiva and had mastered his senses. He was leading a happy married life. After a long time, one day his devoted wife spoke to him thus,” My Lord, I have enjoyed all the pleasures of married life with you which a woman can think of, but I have a long cherished desire.I want to have a son from you as bright as Bhagwan Maheshwara.Please help me in fulfilling the desire.”

On hearing this Vishvanar went into deep though for a moment. He Said to himself,”Today my wife has asked for such a rare boon .It Seems she has been inspired by Pinaki Bhagwan Rudra himself.He is competent to do whatever he likes “.Having thought thus, he assured his wife and went to Varanasi and began performing tapasaya and worshipping Vireshlinga of bhagwan Shankar .In the Thirteen month ,just as he was walkingTowardsVireshlinga after bath in the ganga ,he saw an eight year old boy in the middle of the linga.Unique boy with yellow color matted tresses and he was smiling . This boy ‘s body was smeared with scared ashes and he was chanting Shruti Sukta.Sage Vishvanar felt that his purpose had been accomplished and he was overwhelmed with joy. Shankara who has appeared in the form of Bhagwan assuredas “O great wise man when the time will come, I will full your desire and be born as your Son. My name will be Grahpati. I will appear as a holy and austere man and will be the loved one of all gods’’At an appropriate time Shuchimati gave birth to the incarnation of Bhagwan Shiva as a Rudra avatara, who gave happiness to all the three lokas and destroys demons.

Vishvanar performed all the Sanskaras at the appropriate time and taught him vedas according to pescribed disciplines. But Rishi Narad Came to Vishvanar and told that your son is very luck but will be hit by lightning or fire at the age of twelve.  

At the age of twelve Grahpati went to kasha to worship Bhagwan Shankara with permission of his father.when he was twelve year old Indra appeared him and said ask for boon o Vipra.Grahpati responded ‘’You are the one who is inimicalto mountain and the one who molested Ahilya and defiled her Chastity. Go back I don’t seek any boon from anyone except Pashupati- the Lord of all animals.

Lord Shankara appeared and said,” son do not worry about Indra, Yama can’t harm you. The Lingam established by you at Kashi shall be Known as Agneeshwara .

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