Vaastu for ’Up and Down’ (Elevated | depression | Declivity | Height | Slope | Altitude)

Inappropriate ground leveling of one’s house can bring havoc in the life.

This is the story of a very renowned business who had got a huge bungalow in the prime location of south Delhi. It is a corner plot and has a basement this house was constructed with the west ground level down then the other diagonal directions. As result woman of the house started suffering with mental stress and depression.

The slope of the land affects the life, activities and achievements of the owner. According to vastu shastra, sites sloping towards East and north are auspicious and give all round prosperity and health. Land sloping towards South and West is highly inauspicious. “Downward slope” or Steep Slope, towards East gives growth and prosperity, slope towards North gives wealth, slope towards West gives loss of wealth and slope towards South may gives death, health problems, financial losses, money crisis and destruction. Land slope towards the North brings wealth, prosperity and success, slope towards north-east increases knowledge, all-round prosperity and health. Elevation in South and West are desirable.

One should be more careful about the level of the ground. Vastu advise is must while construction or renovation of a house, shop and factory.

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Ritu Khurana is a prudent woman of experience based in New Delhi and is a strong believer of Vedic knowledge well ahead to match with the essential requirements of life. She worked as a teacher for twenty years in a reputed institute. M.A, B.Ed (English), she was successful in teaching and experimenting in English Language and Training (ELT) skills with Indian and Foreign students.

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