Site Selection is Essential

Site SelectionSite Selection is Essential

11th June 2017, Sunday was busy day where I was occupied in site selection for Mr and Mrs Gagan Arora in Sec 45, Gurugram.

One after the other, we visited the sites which were in our list.

Site selection is a complicated process; one has to check the shape of the site.

Secondly is the house facing to the road, two-sided open or three-sided open?

This article will help many readers to understand, how to select a vastu aligned plot, flat, floor or shop.

  • Always ask for the floor plan from the builder.Site Selection is Essential
  • Carry the printed plan with you to the site you are visiting for your rough reading.
  • As you enter the site, check the degree very carefully. Use a good magnetic compass. Check the degree of the house while standing in the front of the entry door, center of the house or site and parallel to any house or site wall little away from boundary wall.
  • Entrance is a very important for a site selection .Always goes for a positive entrance of a house or a site. Check the other perimeters according to the requirement as it is a home or a factory or a shop.

Vastu Shastra is a blessing for a human which helps oneself to grown and progress in one’s life .The inhabited place like plot number, flat number also shows effect on the resident according to the placement of planet in ones kundli .

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