What Buddha Taught us? And what is his the four noble truths of life ?


On this big day, of Buddha Purnima, also known as Buddha Jayanti is the day when Gautama Buddha was born on the full moon day of the Vaishakha (April – May). It is said that Buddha was born and attained Maha Parinirvana.

Most important is: ‘what buddha taught us? And what is his the four noble truths of life ?’

The four noble truths are a life-time reflection and contemplation. As we use the mirror to see our reflection, so are these four noble truths to understand the four different steps to follow and move on the path of research.
Life is a suffering, it is an unstable as we are consider happiness for a moment and agony for the other. The four noble truth guide us to understand how to be an investigator or a researcher.
First, understand life is a sorrow.

Second, what is the cause of this ‘dhuka’ ? or we must understand the reason of suffering in our life.
Third is the sensation of suffering that how we can end the sorrow and suffering of the life. Understanding the way to apart from the desires and attachment which create suffering and pain in life.

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Lastly, the method or path to make a choice to end the suffering. Mahatma Buddha teachings encourage us to practice and improve in our life. Our faiths are different, beliefs are different and the karma is totally differ from each other. LIFE IS FULL OF SUFFERINGS AND SORROW. It is the action or the activeness to research in the life. Identify the suffering, craving and attachment to be detached to diagnose the real cause.

In short, never lose your strength, work on yourself to improve your actions and be selfless. This path can also lead to a life which brings harmony and peace.

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