Technique to Rectify Vastu of a site

Vastu shastra is the science or an ‘ancient Indian architectural sciences’. In today’s world, buildings are more urbanized, modernized then vastu aligned. We ignore to implement such miraculous science and then slog.

People have many questions and doubts in their heart, as far as vastu is concerned, thinking it is superstitious and a myth, but we don’t believe it. I personally have research a lot about various energies surrounding us in our home, office, shop or any other working or residing place .This Indian science seems to be archaic, but is quiet ahead in its application and operation. It is beyond general understanding to take apparent notice of the effect of such energies, in this complex world.

Vastu teaches us the knowledge of interaction of a living being at all levels of existence. This subject is very interesting, wide and has a deep rooted impact in our life.

Vastu is a subject which makes us understand the art and science of attracting these beneficial energies to manifest the result we want to seek in our life.

One of the most effective techniques is sound therapy to create positivity in a place and strengthen your manas, moon or yin energy (ma). Sutra chanting, Gurbani, Paatha, Japas, Bhajan, other prayers and chants. This play a vital role in adding akash tatva .All of us should try this therapy to rectify vastu dosha and manifest the best in our life.

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Ritu Khurana is a prudent woman of experience based in New Delhi and is a strong believer of Vedic knowledge well ahead to match with the essential requirements of life. She worked as a teacher for twenty years in a reputed institute. M.A, B.Ed (English), she was successful in teaching and experimenting in English Language and Training (ELT) skills with Indian and Foreign students.

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