Symbols and Patterns

Symbols and Patterns

Symbol reflects to message and color transfers the energy in the environment. In India, we use many symbols in our day to day life. There are symbols which are auspicious, to create harmony and peace in our life.

Use of ‘Rangoli’ in front of threshold adds beauty and gives auspicious surrounding to home, temple, palace or a thatch.Symbols and Patterns

Symbols are simple and complex but give auspicious message of high spirit, positive energies, peace and harmony which one seeks for his or her life.

Color and picture used in the symbols give strength to the environment or the enhancement to an act or an action. We all are creation of the five elements. Our emotions and sentiments of life move on a graph. The colors, patterns, pictures and shapes are considered to be positive which uplift our spirit, drives us to be positive and protect us from evil and destruction.

Eight Auspicious Shapes called as Ash ta -Mangal are also used in Buddhism. They create balance in panchtatva. It balancesPatternsSymbols our body, soul and mind.